Our approach to human resource management is predicated on our belief in the need to nurture the talents and optimise the potential of our employees. To this end, our strategy is to create an infrastructure that will drive employees towards success in today's challenging and competitive world. We are committed to creating a good working environment by applying the best human-capital practices that empower employees to excel professionally and increase job satisfaction.

Recruitment and Staffing

At Prestar, we aim to recruit highly dedicated and motivated professionals who tirelessly strive for excellence in attaining the goals and aspirations of the Group in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

Performance Management

We know that to achieve the Group's strategic objectives, we need employees who are results-oriented. In this regard, our performance management systems are geared towards achieving the desired results whilst developing employee competencies that are congruent with the strategic direction of the Group.

Remuneration and Reward

The Group offers a very competitive base salary and a comprehensive benefits package that is commensurate with skills and responsibilities. In addition, we recognize and reward good performance. Our recognition and reward system includes merit bonuses, and other structured incentive programs.

Training and Development

We believe that the best people working together create the best results. Accordingly, our training and development activities will be an integral part of our human resource programme. The Group conducts various in-house training programmes and encourages its employees to participate in external seminars and conferences.
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